The Scouts/Guides Organisation is pan India organisation conducted various
activities among the youths across the nation.

About Organisation

In India the concept of defense training to the school students is not new at all. It was imparted 5000 years ago by the sages to the royal disciples. Lord Ram and Lord Krishna were taught by sage Valmiki and Saddipani. In the modern time, Lord Powell moulded the concept, innovated the scout/guide training and wanted to make it international movement. But it remained at international level. It could not reach to the grassroots levels. The wishes and aspirations of Lord Powell were shattered and bottlenecked.

The main problems and loopholes are monopoly and dominance of few scout/guide organization, dormant/unclear policy of government, failure of government before international organizations, political intervention and, no proper  encouragement. Consequently the scout and guide programme floated by the government and allocation of crores of rupee to the sector have not yielded the desired results. The benefits of the programme could not reach to all the school and college students due to the non utilization and inefficient utilization of resources.        

The Scouts /Guides Organisation  (SGO) is a non political, non sectarian and secular organization. The purpose of this organization is to devote its volunteers to character building of Youth in India and abroad and promoting in them the feeling of selfless service to their country and humanity. The SGO  has a hierarchy starting from the patrols, troops/companies, groups forming into Local, District, State Associations and goes up to the Nationwide Organization.  This is open to all Scouting Guiding Groups, persons as well as associations that is not affiliated with another national organization. It requires that member groups/associations  follow, and use, Baden-Powell's original program, traditions, uniforms, morals, ethics, and structure as laid out in Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys, amended only for  health, environmental, first-aid, and safety reasons . Scouting for Boys, amended only for  health, environmental, first-aid, and safety reasons .

The Organisation Members (associations and others) must accept that they are a traditional Scouting organization and committed to keeping alive the Law and Promise and Scouting scheme, as devised by the late Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell. We are not the organization for potential modernists, in fact we insist that our member associations follow, and use, BP's original program, traditions, uniforms, morals, ethics, and structure as laid out in B-P's  Scouting for Boys . We have however, allowed the updating of these programs for health, environmental, first-aid, and safety reasons only.

The Organisation  invites all organizations, Scouts & Guides groups, scouters, guiders, academicians, social workers, NGO and others in India in Exile to join us in our activities. The SGO lives by the Founders 4th Scout Law:  A Scout is a friend to all, and a brother to every other Scout .


The main points about this organization are as follows-

  • We are the organization for the purpose of furthering independent youth and students’ welfare in the traditional scouting/guiding style pursuant to the methods and ideas of the founder of the scouting movement, Lord Robert Baden Powell of Gilwell, taking law and promise into special account as the working foundations.
  • The organization’s goal is to educate children and youths to become free, tolerant and responsible citizens of a democratic constitutional state.
  • The bylaws purpose is realized through regular meetings, outings and camps at which children and youths are offered sensible recreational activities and the opportunity to develop a sensible relationship with nature, and where positive social behavior is to be promoted.
  • The organization is politically and denominationally neutral, and is not acting on mandate of any kind from one or more or all of its members. It shall refrain from taking any positions on political or religious matters.
  • By selflessly promoting scouting/guiding, the organization exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes in terms of the Tax Code.
  • The organization’s funds, including any surplus, shall be used exclusively for the purposes stipulated in the bylaws.
  • The members shall not receive any profit shares or any other benefit from organization funds in their capacities as members. No person may be benefited by administrative expenses not covered in the bylaws, or by a disproportionately high remuneration.
  • The organization works selflessly; its own economic interests are not the primary pursuit.         

Training The main goals of a Wood Badge course are to:              

  • Recognize the contemporary leadership concepts utilized in the corporate world and leading government organizations that are  relevant to Scouting & values.
  • Apply the skills one learns from participating as a member of a successful working team.
  • View scouting globally, as a family of interrelated, values-based programs that provide age appropriate activities for youth.
  • Revitalize the leader & commitment by sharing in an inspirational experience that helps provide Scouting with the leadership it needs to accomplish its mission.
  • Generally, a Wood Badge course consists of classroom work, a series of self-study modules, outdoor training, and the Wood Badge & ticket or project Classroom and outdoor training are often combined and taught together, and occur over one or more weeks or weekends.
  • As part of completing this portion of the course, participants must write their tickets.
  • Various trainings are offered for following Section´s :

Bulbul Section
Scouts Guides Section
Rovers Rangers Section
Group Scoutmasters  Guide Captains(Unit Leaders)
Leaders of Scouting Guiding Movement
Executives Office Bearers of the Scout/Guide Organization
Other Persons as and when required


Our mission is to fire up the youth of India with the spirit of scouts and get them involved in activities that will help build physical strength, mature their personalities and turn them into responsible adults..


We see a future in which youth plays a significant role in shaping destiny of the country and in becoming future leaders.

Our Objectives

  • Our organization embodies the spirit of Lord Powell to empower youth and help them achieve physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential and to become truly responsible future citizens.
  • Duty to God is enshrined in the spirit of scouts and guides, fundamental to existence of man and the organization.
  • Duty to others is our motto and a boy scout is always prepared to serve at a moment’s notice.
  • Loyalty to one’s country is our guiding principle and, in the same breath we also believe in world friendship because the world is a country.
  • Duty to self is a driving principle because one must assume responsibilities for one’s thoughts and actions.
  • Adhere to promise and to law is foundational because it is the fabric from which ethics are made, which is what a person is known by.
  • Learn by doing is inherent in our thoughts and actions.
  • Our objective is to develop character and personality of boys and girls of the country.
  • Train youth in arts and crafts as a way to develop skills and personality.
  • Establish and run educational institutions and libraries to spread knowledge
  • Organize nature treks and physical activities.