The Scouts /Guides Organisation (SGO) is a non political, non sectarian and secular organization. The purpose of this organization is to devote its volunteers to character building of Youth in India and abroad and promoting in them the feeling of selfless service to their country and humanity.

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World Scout Day, also known as Founder’s Day, is celebrated on 22 February 2024.

"Stop wishing, start Scouting!"

The wishes and aspirations of Lord Powell were shattered and bottlenecked. The main problems and loopholes are monopoly and dominance of few scout/guide organization, dormant/unclear policy of government, failure of government before international organizations, political intervention and, no proper encouragement. Consequently the scout and guide programme floated by the government and allocation of crores of rupee to the sector have not yielded the desired results. The benefits of the programme could not reach to all the school and college students due to the non utilization and inefficient utilization of resources.

Mr. Sandeep Marwah

Chief Scout SGO.

Founder/President of Asian Academy of the film and television.

Mr. Raj KP Sinha

National Commissioner for India – SGO


Our mission is to fire up the youth of India with the spirit of scouts and get them involved in activities that will help build physical strength, mature their personalities and turn them into responsible adults.


We see a future in which youth plays a significant role in shaping destiny of the country and in becoming future leaders


Our organization embodies the spirit of Lord Powell to empower youth and help them achieve physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential and to become truly responsible future citizens.


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